High School Courses
(grades 9-12)

MSC Online courses meet Minnesota Academic standards and graduation requirements, as well as the International Standards for Technology in Education (ISTE). All courses are taught by teachers licensed by the State of Minnesota in the subject being taught. For more detailed information about Minnesota academic standard alignment, contact MSC Online.

The ISTE Standards can be viewed at the ISTE web site.
The courses listed below are available for students who need to make up courses or credits, or who want to take additional courses for graduation, enrichment or college preparation.
  • Course availability is based on teacher availability. Not all courses will be available in every term.
  • It may take 7 to 10 days to complete an enrollment after ALL paperwork and payment (if required) has been received.
  • To view our course quality evaluation rubric, click HERE
  • The course syllabus can be downloaded by clicking on the course title below.
  • We only recommend using Firefox for your internet browser to access courses.
NOTE: Semester-long (.5 credit) courses are identified with an (*).
All other courses, designated A & B, are two-semester, year-long courses for 1.0 credit.
Each semester course may be taken as a single course for .5 credit.
All semester courses are the equivalent of 90 instructional hours, except for the Foundation courses, which may be less.



Some courses (**) require additional materials or equipment. It will be the responsibility of the local district to obtain the additional materials. The requirements are listed in the course description.

A number of courses have three versions to help meet individual student needs, The three options are Core, Comprehensive, and Honors courses.

  • In Core courses, topics are broken into discrete modules that are taught in tandem with the framework students need to develop strong study skills. Rich, engaging content with interactive demonstrations and activities help students absorb and retain information. Most Foundation courses have been replaced with a Core course.
  • In Comprehensive courses, students do more extensive writing and research projects and tackle problems that require more analytical thinking. Course projects and activities also demand more independent thinking and self-discipline than projects in Core courses.
  • Honors courses hold students to a greater degree of accountability and demand even greater independence and self-discipline. Students synthesize and evaluate information and concepts from multiple sources and read texts typically assigned in college-level courses. Students also demonstrate college-level writing in essays that require analysis of primary and secondary sources, responsible use of evidence, and comprehensive citation of sources.

Please click on the links below to download and view course descriptions.  To download a PDF of the course list, Click here.

Language Arts

American Literature (Core)- A & B

American Literature (Comp)- A & B

American Literature (Hon)- A & B

British & World Lit (Core)- A & B

British & World Lit (Comp)- A & B

British & World Lit (Hon)- A & B

Creative Writing -A & B **

Gothic Literature

Grammar & Composition-A & B

Journalism*  **

Literary Analysis & Composition I (Core) - A & B

Literary Analysis & Composition I (Comp) - A & B

Literary Analysis & Composition I (Hon) - A & B

Literary Analysis & Composition II- (Core) A & B

Literary Analysis & Composition II- (Comp) A & B

Literary Analysis & Composition II- (Hon) A & B

Mythology & Folklore*

Public Speaking*


Algebra I (Core) -A & B

Algebra I (Comp) -A & B

Algebra I (Hon) -A & B

Algebra II (Core) -A & B

Algebra II (Comp) -A & B

Algebra II (Hon) -A & B

Calculus -A & B **

Consumer Math -A & B

Continuing Algebra-A & B

Developmental Algebra-A & B

Geometry (Core)-A & B

Geometry (Comp)-A & B

Geometry (Hon)-A & B

Integrated Math-A & B

Integrated Math I-A & B

Integrated Math II-A & B

Integrated Math III-A & B

Practical Math (Core)-A & B

Pre-Algebra (Core)-A & B

Pre-Algebra (Comp)-A & B

Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry- A & B

Probability & Statistics*



Biology (Core) -A & B

Biology (Comp) -A & B

Biology (Hon) -A & B


Chemistry (Core) -A & B

Chemistry (Comp) -A & B

Chemistry (Hon) -A & B

Earth Science (Core) -A & B

Earth Science (Comp) -A & B

Earth Science (Hon) -A & B

Environmental Science* 

Forensic Science

Great Minds in Science*

Physical Science -A & B

Physics (Comp) -A & B

Physics (Hon) -A & B

Veterinary Science*

Social Science

Anthropology *



Contemporary World Issues*


Geography -A & B

History of the Holocaust*

Law and Order*

Modern US History (Core)-A & B

Modern US History (Comp)-A & B

Modern US History (Hon)-A & B

Modern World Studies (Core)-A & B

Modern World Studies (Comp)-A & B

Modern World Studies (Hon)-A & B


Psychology I*

Social Problems I*

Social Problems II*

Sociology I*

Sociology II*

U.S. and Global Economics (Core)*

U.S. and Global Economics (Comp)*

U.S. Government and Politics (Core)*

U.S. Government and Politics* (Comp)*

U.S. History (Core)- A & B

U.S. History (Comp)- A & B

U.S. History (Hon)- A & B

World History (Core) -A & B

World History (Comp) A & B

World History (Hon) A & B

World Languages

Ojibwe Language & Culture 1 A & B

Ojibwe Language & Culture 2 A & B

French I -A & B

French II -A & B

French III -A & B

French IV -A & B

German I -A & B

German II -A & B

German III -A & B

German IV -A & B

Spanish I -A & B

Spanish II -A & B

Spanish III -A & B

Spanish IV -A & B

Japanese I -A & B

Japanese  II -A & B

Chinese I - A & B

Chinese II - A & B


3D Art 1: Modeling

3D Art II: Animation

Accounting -A & B

Achieving Your College & Career Goals*

Art Appreciation*

Art in World Cultures*

Artist Appreciation, Research & Reproduction

Careers in Criminal Justice


Fitness-4-Life -A & B

Health -A & B

International Business

Introduction to Entrepreneurship I*

Introduction to Entrepreneurship II*

Introduction to Marketing I*

Introduction to Marketing II*

Introduction to Social Media

Life Skills*

Music Appreciation

Nutrition and Wellness*

Peer Counseling*

Personal Finance*

Reaching Your Academic Potential*

Service Learning*

Skills for Health*

Sports & Entertainment Marketing*

World Religions*


Audio Engineering

Computer Fundamentals -A & B **

Computer Literacy*

Digital Arts I*

Digital Arts II*

Digital Photography* **

Engineering Design*

Game Design * **

Web Design* **


Early Childhood Education*

Family and Consumer Science*

Intro to Culinary Arts*

Real World Parenting*  

Fashion & Interior Design  


Health Foundations *

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