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Welcome to the Minnesota Service Cooperatives (MSC) Online Learning Community!

This learning community is sponsored by the Northeast Service Cooperative in collaboration with our member school districts and Resource Training & Solutions.

The MSC Online Learning Program:

  • Provides challenging educational opportunities for students who need credit recovery, advanced, additional or specialized courses, and/or a flexible learning environment.
  • Is certified by the Minnesota Department of Education to offer online curriculum to students in grades 7-12. All online courses offered through approved programs are:
- Taught by Minnesota licensed teachers
- Meet or exceed state academic standards
- Transfer to other public school districts
- Apply toward high school graduation
    • Is a part-time, non-diploma program, so students will remain enrolled in their own districts while taking courses with MSC Online.

      Mission Statement
      MSC Online Learning Program-
      Expanding quality online educational opportunities
      for Minnesota students


      Enrollment Information
      • If you would like enrollment information, click on the "Enrolling in Our Courses" link located on the left menu bar, or click HERE.
      • To download a Registration Help Document, click HERE.
      • To download a Login Help Document, click HERE.
      • To download the MSC Online Policy Document, click HERE.
      • To download the MSC Online Extension Policy, click HERE.

      Contact Information

      MSC Online Learning Program


      5525 Emerald Avenue
      Mt. Iron, MN 55768
      Email MSC Online Director: Tim Caroline
      Phone: 218-485-1008

      (NOTE-  Email is the best way to contact me)

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      4150 2nd Street South, Suite 550
      St. Cloud, MN 56302
      Phone: 320-255-3236

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          MSC Online 2014-2015 Semester Dates

          FALL SEMESTER September 2, 2014 - January 9, 2015
          SPRING SEMESTER January 19, 2015 - May 22, 2015
          Enrollment for Spring Semester ends February 13, 2015 (Senior exceptions may be made)
          SUMMER SEMESTER June 1, 2015 - August 28, 2015

          Highlights of the State Statute on Online Learning


          • A student age 17 or younger must have the written consent of a parent or guardian to apply.
          • No school district or charter school may prohibit a student from applying to enroll in online learning.
          • Students can complete course work at a grade level that is different from the student's current grade level.
          • An online learning student may participate in the extracurricular activities of the enrolling district on the same basis as other enrolled students.
          • School districts and charter schools must make available information about online learning to all interested people.

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